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Prima KottuMee spices up 2024 big match season..

Prima KottuMee, the instant noodle brand synonymous with the vibrant energy of Sri Lankan youth, has infused its signature ‘Hot N’ Spicy’ spirit into Sri Lanka’s school big matches this year.

One of the highlights in Sri Lanka’s school cricket calendar, big matches stand as an eagerly anticipated tradition, featuring an annual showdown between two rival schools. This event takes center stage every March, uniting past and present students to honor this cherished tradition, celebrating the essence of cricket and the enduring spirit it embodies. Prima KottuMee, a brand that takes great pride in nurturing young talent and empowering tomorrow’s stars, has taken a significant stride in fostering cricket within the school community by partnering with the most anticipated big matches between prominent schools in the country.

The much-loved instant noodles brand, which is renowned for adding a touch of spice to everyday life, made a vibrant impression at big matches this year. In addition to offering the full range of Prima products at the tournament venues to tantalize the taste buds of the players and participants with delicious food items, Prima KottuMee infused energy into the grounds through their distinctive and dynamic branding, embodying the electrifying youthful vigor that defines the brand.

These partnerships build upon Prima KottuMee’s long-standing commitment to empowering the younger generation of the nation through sports. Prima KottuMee takes great pride in being a part of these big matches as the specialty food partner, aligning itself with the passion and energy of young Sri Lankans and further solidifying its position as a brand that resonates with the pulse of the youth.



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