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Best in Class Innovation from Janashakthi Life

Short Term premium payment and Long Term protection – ‘Janashakthi Flexipay’

Upholding its vision to provide protection and security for its policyholders, Janashakthi Insurance PLC has launched Janashakthi Flexipay, a short-term premium payment product which provides long-term protection to policyholders and their families. This unique solution is ideal for individuals who are not comfortable investing in long term financial commitments.

Having understood this need, Janashakthi Life introduced a policy whereby the customer can pay off their total premium within 3-5 years of the policy and receive coverage for upto 40 years. Customer has the flexibility to customize their own policy by adding the protection & health covers as desired, making this the most attractive and complete life insurance product at offer, to cater to the long-term insurance needs of the customer. Janashakthi Flexipay can also be packaged with many other life insurance benefits such as critical illness, hospitalization coverage and many more.

 “Flexipay has been designed as a solution for customers who finds it challenging to commit to long term investments. Through this product, we have successfully eliminated the hassle of life long premium payments. Janashakthi Flexipay was able to mark itself as a successful product, by the popularity received with only after few days of being launched to the market – further confirming our values and commitments of being a customer-centric life insurance company. Flexipay is yet another addition to our innovative product portfolio that meets the evolving needs of the people, with this launch Janashakthi Life is demonstrating its true spirit of innovation and further support to strengthen the life insurance product portfolio.” commented Ravi Liyanage, Director / CEO of Janashakthi Insurance PLC.

Janashakthi has successfully introduced many ground-breaking products in the recent past, including Janashakthi Covid Guard, specifically designed to provide much-needed financial support during the pandemic and which includes coverage for COVID-19 related death, accidents, loss of income due to being hospitalized/quarantine in a government authorized facility and also, coverage for being admitted in the ICU due to COVID-19 and Life Unlimited, which provides lifelong hospitalization insurance. Janashakthi Good Health Global Health Passport is yet another addition to the growing portfolio of products where it provides customers with international hospitalization coverage, whether it be a planned hospitalization with prior Janashakthi approval or an emergency hospitalization while travelling abroad.

Janashakthi provides a range of Life Insurance solutions and services that cater to different stages of the life cycle of an individual, from childhood to retirement including educational needs, savings and investments, health requirements and mortgage protection. The company’s insurance products are backed by technology – leveraging on the company’s digital transformation strategy for growth. A range of functions from customer onboarding, premium payments, policy performance, premium receipts, claim management, policy servicing and swift communication have been digitalised. The Janashakthi Life App too was launched as an interactive self-service insurance mobile app to provide efficient and reliable seamless user experience. Moreover, Janashakthi Life continues to strengthen its digitalization drive through the introduction of multiple ways of paying premiums through online platforms and bank transfers. 

Committed to improving equitable access to its products and services, Janashakthi Insurance continues its branch expansion drive, with a network of 75 branches across the country. The company’s sales force serves communities with professionalism, resulting in as many as 108 sales personnel qualifying for the internationally reputed Million Dollar Round Table in 2021. 

As an innovator and pioneer in the Life Insurance industry, Janashakthi Insurance PLC is bringing to life its purpose of empowering dreams and uplifting the lives of the people of the nation.



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