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Dipped Products unveils the worlds-first purpose built EVPRO glove for Electric Vehicle Industry…

Dipped Products PLC (DPL), a global leader in sustainable, premium glove manufacturing and member of the Hayleys Group, announced the launch of the EVPRO Glove – the first ever product specifically engineered to meet the unique hand protection requirements of Electric Vehicle (EV) professionals.

Offering unmatched safety and mobility for electrical engineers, the EVPRO Glove provides crucial protection against electric shock during the handling and maintenance of electrical vehicles.

“Aligned with the Hayleys Group’s purpose of inspiring an inclusive world and a thriving planet, we have sought not only to enhance our internal capabilities for sustainable niche innovations, but also to engage with critical eco-friendly industries to help accelerate the green transition. The EV market is one such priority industry, with global sales of electric vehicles soaring by 31% in 2023 up to 13 million units.

“Recognising the need for specialised safety gear tailored to the unique demands of this fast-growing sector we embarked on a journey of innovation to develop the world’s first EV glove. With keen interest already generated among customers in the United States and Europe, EVPRO is poised to elevate DPL’s growth potential and global competitiveness as it makes its way to distribution channels worldwide,” DPL Managing Director, Pushpika Janadheera said.  

DPL’s journey into the realm of electrical safety gear began in 2006 with the introduction of their LINEPRO gloves range, an electrical insulation glove designed for high-voltage work, used by linesmen worldwide. However, as the demand for EVs surged, the team responded to the emerging requirement of protection needed to meet the evolving challenges of the industry.

While maintaining LINEPRO’s essential electrical insulating properties, the EVPRO Glove introduces several unique features. A distinctive textured surface for enhanced grip in wet and oil conditions ensures safety and performance in diverse working environments. Additionally, it is 25% thinner than standard electrician gloves, providing improved dexterity, and offers a better hand fit for unparalleled comfort and precision.

The EVPRO Glove represents DPL’s commitment to empowering professionals and driving innovation in the ever-evolving EV industry.  By providing EV professionals with cutting-edge safety solutions, DPL is playing a crucial role in ensuring the continued growth and sustainability of the industry.

Established in 1976, Dipped Products PLC is one of the world’s leading non-medical rubber glove manufacturers, accounting for a 5% global market share. Recognised for its innovative and sustainable hand protection solutions, DPL specialises in industrial, household, sport and medical gloves.



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