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IT Gallery the National Distributor for Hikvision in Sri Lanka conducts ‘Hikvision Partner Summit 2022’ 

IT Gallery, the leading distributor of video surveillance products and solutions and the national distributor for Hikvision in Sri Lanka, recently hosted the “Hikvision Partner Summit 2022” held physically after two years. The summit was held with the presence of 300+ partners of Hikvision, to recognize the performances of its island-wide partners in 2020 and 2021.   

Commenting on the event, Mr. Dilantha Perera, Director/CEO of IT Gallery Computers Private Limited, said, “Hikvision has built a solid reputation in Sri Lanka and across the globe as the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance solutions. We believe that it is crucial that we introduce, enlighten, and educate our partners on the top trends in the security market for this year, and this event was designed with that purpose in mind.  The discussion included how the industry is moving from mere security and safety protection to covering a much broader range of activities that will increase the safety concerns while at the same time bringing new levels of intelligence and sustainability to communities, companies, and societies.”  

The summit also shed light on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has become increasingly popular in the security industry, and more customers have recognized the value of AI and have discovered new uses for AI applications in various scenarios, such as Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), automated event alerts, and false alarm reduction etc. In addition, the security industry is becoming an important part of the IoT world, enhancing its visual capabilities. AIoT will also digitize and pervade various industry verticals such as energy, logistics, manufacturing, retail, education, and healthcare.

In addition to knowledge sharing, the event also functioned as a platform to recognize and reward the partners of IT Gallery from across the island for their achievements in 2020 and 2021.   

Converged systems are well known to breaking down data silos. Individuals in private enterprises and public service sectors alike are eager to get rid of obstructive “data silos”. The convergence of various information systems has been proven to be an effective approach—adequate to break down those silos.

Cloud-based solutions and services are also becoming necessary, from small business markets to enterprise levels, as the momentum pushes more businesses to leverage cloud-based security solutions and services through public and private clouds. A cloud-hosting infrastructure eliminates the requirement for a local server or software. Users can easily check the status of their assets and businesses in real-time, get security events and alarms quickly, and accomplish emergency responses by simply using a mobile app. The cloud allows security business operators to help their clients configure devices, fix bugs, maintain and upgrade security systems, and offer better value-added services – all on a remote operational model.

It is always vital for video security cameras to maintain image clarity and capture details 24 hours a day, in any weather and under any condition. For clearer video security imaging in poor visibility—especially in severe weather conditions—high-performance imaging sensors, ISP technology, and AI algorithms are being employed, allowing cameras to maintain clarity and details of view. The summit discussed the trend toward incorporating multiple lenses into new cameras and the fact that applications including airports, harbors, transit stations, parking lots, stadiums, and squares will see these multi-lens cameras as a benefit on every level. The access control market is quickly becoming occupied by biometric authentication, from fingerprint and palmprint recognition to facial and iris recognition. Biometric access controls bring essential advantages, like higher security and efficiency with reduced counterfeiting.

The Zero Trust approach was an interesting part of the discussion which has taken the cybersecurity spotlight. It is a strategic initiative that was developed to prevent data breaches by eliminating the concept of trust from an organization’s network architecture. Zero Trust is rooted in a philosophy of “never trust, always verify.”

With the aim of a greener planet, an increasing number of security industry manufacturers are exploring low-carbon initiatives and green manufacturing, which are expected to see big strides this year. The summit brought to light the local laws, regulations, and policies that restrict carbon emission standards for manufacturing enterprises, which constantly push industries towards adopting more environmentally-conscious practices in their daily operations and production.

IT Gallery is one of the leading value-added distributors of globally-renowned brands in ICT products and services in Sri Lanka. It has been in the IT distribution market since 2011, and for the last five to six years, has played a major role in the surveillance market as a value-added distributor supporting its partners. Throughout the pandemic, IT Gallery has also supported its partners in terms of goods and credit sustaining its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.  







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