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Konekt inspires business growth with innovative IT Solutions

Konekt, an emerging technology solutions company, strives to develop and implement innovative IT solutions in Sri Lanka. The company is committed to helping businesses gain a competitive edge over its competition. Konekt delivers innovative and scalable solutions using the latest technology for its customers to help grow their businesses exponentially. Konekt consists of a wide range of expertise in education, e-commerce, and financial institutions and supports customers in each domain.

Konekt has been in the industry for 6 years, which included a successful navigation of the pandemic. Today, Konekt continues to enable its clients to develop solutions to adapt to the prevailing economic conditions. The company was established to provide innovative, convenient IT solutions to its customers. Throughout the years, Konekt has continuously gone above and beyond to deliver beyond the customers’ expectations. The company will complete all projects in a professional and passionate manner, while adhering to international standards, practices, and attention to detail.

Over the years, Konekt has completed many key development projects including Wisdom Business Academy Learning Solution which consisted of web development, a mobile app and a digital payment system and the Karts Mobile E-commerce integration platform which included linking an online store, a mobile app, ERPs, POS, and delivery partners.

One of the leading development projects of the company was the Softlogic Money Website. The project required Softlogic Capital to combine all their financial offerings on a single platform, to provide the utmost convenience to their customers. Konekt who was Softlogic’s technology development partner, came up with Softlogic Capital Online, a fully-fledged multi-site which modernises the customer experience and provides unparalleled convenience. The development of this project earned Softlogic Life’s domain a Merit Award at the Best Web Awards 2021.

Anuja Herath, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Konekt, shared his thoughts. “Over the last 6 years at Konekt, we are deeply committed to finding the best IT solutions for our customers, which is why we offer multiple of services including, Web Design & Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development. Even during these challenging times, our team has been able to develop ground-breaking innovations for our customers. We have been able to do so, because of the passion and dedication of our team. Our team is very much the reason that Konekt is a leader in the industry today.”

The company encourages businesses to seek and invest in long-term gains, and pushes for investment in digital infrastructure, which would enable process automation, which in turn enhances efficiency and provides the necessary tools needed to convert nonvalue added tasks, into high value-added tasks.



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