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Leadership For a Successful and Sustainable Future

By Watson Michael

Leadership is a concept spoken about a great deal these days, but what does leadership mean? Does leadership mean being in a position of authority? Or is there more to it than simple designations?

Leadership is a trait that can be expressed by anyone at any level, be it at school, your workplace, or even at home. Leadership simply means taking charge of your situation and working towards your goals in a timely and effective manner. This will demonstrate to those around you that you are capable and proactive in your work, which will instinctively make people trust you and your abilities. In an organization, identifying your stakeholders, understanding the culture and building a great company philosophy is vital.

Leadership is one of the pillars of development and good leaders can help empower those around them to grow exponentially. Leadership is also necessary to identify problem areas and find solutions for these issues. One such issue facing the modern world is the climate crisis. Many global leaders have discussed sustainability and the importance of undertaking sustainable practices in business and other aspects of life. These sustainable practices can range from simple things such as switching to bio-degradable items such as paper straws and minimizing the use of plastic bottles to programs taking place on a macro-economic to promote sustainability.

These are the issues that ‘Ceylon Institute Of English & Leadership (CIOEL)’ wishes to address through its ‘Leadership and Sustainability Programme’. Both of these aspects are very important in the modern world and if mastered, can help the individual grow tremendously.

CIOEL also conducts various interviews with key individuals who are leaders in their own fields.

One such individual is Komal Nahta an International Film Trade Analyst, who was also the former Bollywood Representative of the BBC. In the interview from his vast experience, he states the importance of being honest, believing in yourself, how to make negativity to fuel yourself, controlling your temper and the importance of teamwork.

Another such individual who was interviewed was Steven Silbiger, author of the International Bestseller ‘The 10-Day MBA’. In that interview, he shares the importance of leadership & reading irrespective of the profession you hold. Furthermore, he emphasizes how his book helps non-business graduate students and other individuals. Also, the book helps you to talk intelligently, walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, CIOEL also has interviewed many others including; an Emmy Award Winner, a 2-time Emmy nominated TV producer, leading international sports personalities, and many more. All of these individuals are leaders in their respective fields and everyone can learn something from watching their videos. In addition, all students who enroll will also receive lessons based on these interviews.

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