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New champions in Esports crowned as Perera and Sons establish a firm footing in the Esports landscape in Sri Lanka

Perera and Sons in partnership with Gamer.LK launched the second edition of its Esports championships, the PUBG Mobile P&S Series and the P&S Free Fire Contenders. With a prize pool of Rs. 200,000, the tournament brought together over 500 teams for competing in the event.

Sri Lanka’s top 16 PUBG Mobile teams made their way to the Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile P&S Series where they challenged each other in a six map encounter. “Opex Lanka” emerged victorious with a 35-point lead over “Maximum Esports Hitxerbiv” which came in second place. Team “Wolfgang Esports Bullet Track” finished in third place. Team Opex Lanka was represented by Opx Legend, LND Dila, OPX Tauter, OPX Jay and RN PODDS SIR.

The P&S Free Fire Contenders saw the top 12 Free Fire teams in the country make it to the Grand Finals across six maps in a battle to the finish. “Alpha Esports HOB” were crowned the Champions with a 43-point lead over “Maximum Esports Brotherhood”. “Team Noob Alliance NEGU SL” was placed third at the event. Alpha Esports HOB were represented by Sachintha “HB Kalu 98” Kalana, Ishara “HB 9inch” Chandunu, Oshada “HB OSAA” Adithya, Hirusha “HB NICKY” De Silva and Dulana “XPOLA” Nuwanjith.

Both championships were officially endorsed by the Sri Lanka Esports Association and the results contributed to the national player rankings. These rankings not only earn fame locally but also open up opportunities to be enlisted for national Esports team roster consideration.

Both tournaments were well received by the community, generating a massive social reach of over 1.5 million as fans and Esports enthusiasts rallied behind their favourite teams cheering them on to victory.

Perera and Sons has been a household brand for over a century, bringing people together through its meals. Identifying the rapid growth of Esports with an exponential number of players entering what is widely regarded as Sri Lanka’s “fastest-growing sport”, Perera and Sons partnered with Gamer.LK in 2019 and stepped into the fray. The partnership aimed to amplify local Esports culture with two massive online championships featuring popular Esports titles along with various Esports activities and engagements. Perera and Sons aim to continue its foray into Esports with new and exciting opportunities in the future.



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