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Roar Global Expands Offering with the Launch of Creative Production House Density Media

Over the last eight years, Roar Global has been building, operating and investing in distinct media brands that produce ground-breaking content and media solutions. On the 1st of April 2022, Roar Global launched their latest venture, Density Media, dedicated to catering to Roar Global’s global clientele with an extensive portfolio of content production services.

Roar Studios was Roar Global’s first content production house, helping brands tell better stories by combining experience in media together with innovative concepts, creative storytelling, and stunning visuals to craft authentic narratives for brands and organisations. Studios have grown exponentially since their inception, engaging with clients both locally and overseas.

With the accelerated growth and continued success of Roar Studios, Density Media will focus on creating content at scale for brands, agencies and global audiences. The specialised team at Density has the diverse set of skills needed to produce a wide range of content for digital spaces and audiences quickly and efficiently. The team’s range of skills includes Animation, Graphics, Explainers, Social Media Videos, Motion Graphics, Illustrations, Website Design, Articles, Brand Kits, Sales Collateral, and more. The team at Density Media is well-versed in exceptional English language content, but with a wide pool of talent, they are able to produce content in the language that resonates best with a specific audience.

Alongside current long-term partnerships with established clients from Qatar, Taiwan, the UAE and Singapore, Density Media will continue to further Roar Global’s accelerated growth and immense success in international markets. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital media sphere, Density is geared to conceptualise, design, and produce bespoke digital content in multiple formats, partnering with international brands that are eager to grow their digital presence.

Speaking at the launch, Co-Founder and COO of Roar Global, Abdurrahman Haroon said, “Our expansion to international markets over the past year has surpassed all expectations. With the launch of Density Media today, we look forward to offering dedicated services and building long-term partnerships with leading brands across the globe. Sri Lanka is an island teeming with immense creative talent. With our prowess in the digital sphere, I am confident that Density will effectively take this talent to the world, and make Sri Lanka a key player in the global content creation arena.”

With a growing portfolio with 2,000+ diverse content pieces already under their belt, Density Media is also investing in significant resources, dedicated facilities, and an unparalleled talent pool. The team are set to take centre stage as a leading creative production house, positioning itself as a key player in the global arena.

Building on the existing relationships, Density Media plans to further establish sales offices in multiple international markets, including Melbourne and Dubai, to provide 360-degree digital content solutions to eager clients across the globe.




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