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Moose Clothing as the official overseas team sponsor of the national cricket team for the Australia tour of Sri Lanka 2022 and The Moose Clothing Cup Test series.

Enthused by the game of cricket, Moose Clothing Company, Sri Lanka’s ever-versatile clothing brand for the youth has further strengthened their support to Sri Lanka Cricket with a dual partnership as the Official Overseas Team Sponsor of the National Cricket team at the upcoming T20, One day and Test series of Australia’s tour of Sri Lanka from 7th June – 12th July 2022. Alongside this sponsorship, Moose Clothing Company will also partner with Sri Lanka Cricket for the upcoming Moose Cup Test series scheduled to be held from 29th June – 12th July 2022.

The Moose Cup was introduced in 2021 during the England tour of Sri Lanka as a celebration of Test cricket which has been considered as the format of highest level of the game by ardent cricketing fans.  It is said that a team requires both mental and physical strength, endurance and prowess in order to excel and emerge victorious at a Test match.

Recognized as one of the most ridiculous trophies in the history of cricket by N-Sports, The Moose Cup, was the latest cricket trophy to be awarded alongside prominent ones such as The Ashes Urn and is depicted as a giant cricket ball with antlers.

Contested in 2021, during England’s official tour of Sri Lanka, the Moose Cup was seen worn by England captain Joe Root during his celebration of the 2-0 series victory. This year the Moose Cup will be introducing a new trophy whilst retaining the original title.


Moose Clothing Company CEO Hasib Omar sharing his thoughts said, “Moose Clothing supports Sri Lanka cricket. Undoubtedly, the people here in Sri Lanka love cricket wholeheartedly. By supporting the national cricket team, we are committed to support Sri Lanka as a whole. Indeed, this will be a thrilling series for the cricketing fans who will be expecting a great victory against the kangaroos following Sri Lanka’s performance at the last Bangladesh tour. We would like to wish our lions all the best as they are preparing for a head-to-head game on the pitch”  

“The collaboration of Moose Clothing with Sri Lanka Cricket and the game of cricket, I am sure will add a lot of value to the brand, which is successfully making good strides in its own area of business,’’ said Mr. Ashley De Silva, CEO of Sri Lanka Cricket. 

Driven by the love for the sport, Moose Clothing Company has continuously partnered with Sri Lanka Cricket to sponsor the National Cricket team on various occasions. Understanding that sports unite people despite individual differences, Moose Clothing Company is committed towards supporting Sri Lanka Cricket, to build unity and spread positivity among the people of the nation.



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