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OrionStellar accredited as Sri-Lanka’s first ever ‘TIA Rated 3 design certified’ Data Center

OrionStellar, Sri Lanka’s first carrier-neutral,, high-density data center, achieved another historic milestone after becoming the first facility of its kind in the island to be listed as a TIA-942 Rated 3 Data Centre facility. Data center design conforms to delivering highest level of availability and resiliency in terms of uninterrupted power and cooling to the enterprises hosting their IT infrastructure at Orionstellar.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard is one of the most widely recognized and globally implemented standards for reviewing and ensuring conformity with international best practices. The certification covers all physical infrastructure including, but not limited to, site location, architectural, electrical, and mechanical, fire safety, telecommunications, and security. The facility design ensures concurrently maintainability in critical infrastructure equipped with the redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths in conformity with all applicable global standards.

“Since our launch in November of 2021, OrionStellar has been on a mission to simplify digital infrastructure challenges for Sri Lankan and regional enterprises. With this latest accreditation, we reinforce our position as a reliable destination for deployment of digital services and provide credible assurance to our customers and stakeholders. And we are also moving forward with the establishment of another historic milestone in the development of Sri Lanka’s IT infrastructure and capabilities,” said OrionStellar Managing Director, Jeevan Gnanam.

Located in the capital city’s Orion ICT Park, OrionStellar features capacity for 200 racks, a rack density of up to 15kW per rack and a design PUE of 1.4 achieved through in row cooling systems, which enables higher levels of power efficiency resulting power saving up to 40% for the customers who will be collocating their IT infrastructure at Orionstellar.

“Facilitating advanced technologies, OrionStellar’s state-of-the-art data center is poised to offer best-in-class, globally competitive services to accelerate their digitalization journeys, rationalize core infrastructure costs and establish stronger levels of security and redundancy, all while reducing energy costs and contributing towards a green and prosperous economy,” said OrionStellar Chief Operations Officer (COO), Nalaka Bandara.

Built in compliance with the latest ISO 27001 standards and global data center standards, the new data center aims to deliver the highest levels of reliability, efficiency, and redundancy with 99.98% uptime.

OSDC is geared to benefit enterprise and government sector customers across the country while simultaneously contributing to the technological advancement of the region.

The center features power infrastructure with 2 (N+1) UPS systems to ensure continuous cooling with a fully redundant battery backup system, and an N+1 generator system supported with   two fuel bulk tanks with a total capacity over 50000 L to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

OrionStellar caters to enterprise IT infrastructure needs and with co-location packages designed to meet the varied requirements of different business segments and sectors. The facility is providing white labeled space for Telcos and larger MNCs and features dedicated cages with biometric access control for large enterprises, as well as individual racks for SME and startup hosting needs. Orionstellar data center has a unique capability to monitor the power consumption up to the individual server level (U level) such that customers will be paying for the exact electricity consumption  they use on a pay as you use model.

The data center also offers an array of value-added services including storage as a service and back up as a service to back up mission critical enterprise data in a secure environment, disaster recovery solutions during unexpected downtime and cost-effective data center migration services with minimal disruption to core business functions.



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