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Hayleys Aventura introduces Eco-One: newest weapon in plastic pollution battle

  • Technology to shorten lifespan of plastics in landfills to years not decades
  • Organic biodegradation enhanced as microbes in waste environment identify Eco-One as a food source
  • Soil after plastic degradation will have positive effects for plant growth and no toxicity
  • Several major exporters to Europe and US are already using the product

Hayleys Aventura has introduced Eco-One, an innovative product developed in the USA, to help manufacturers mitigate pollution caused by the disposal of plastics, polythene and rubber – one of Sri Lanka’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The organic additive, which is applied during the production process, enhances the biodegradation of plastic and polythene products. This drastically shortens the timespan such products are retained in landfills, from centuries to a few years. Once Eco-One incorporated polymer products are disposed in a microbial rich environment, the additive attracts microorganisms that consume it as a ‘food source’ along with the polymer product’s chemical elements converting it to inert humus (organic soil matter) and biogas energy.

“As a leader in providing innovative industrial solutions and technology, Hayleys Aventura remains committed to advancing the sustainability efforts of Sri Lankan manufacturers including those who seek to take our country to global export markets,” Hayleys Aventura (Pvt) Ltd Managing Director, Wasaba Jayasekera said. “As the engine of growth of our national economy, it’s important that the private sector plays an active role in mitigating pollution and Eco-One provides them with a viable solution to do so.”

Adding just 1% of Eco-One to the plastic compound improves the rate of degradation of the item to 18 months with complete degradation possible within approximately 3 years. This may however change depending on the physical and chemical composition of the product. Customers also have the option of achieving a faster degradation rate by increasing the dose.

The process and residual have been rigorously tested and are certified to have no adverse impact on the soil or the environment, an advantage over alternatives that leave behind fragments and micro-particles.  In fact, the remnant nutrient-rich soil can even be used as fertiliser.  

Moreover, the process has been supported by third-party studies conducted by local and global test bodies such as Bureau Veritas and Northeast Laboratories. Inc.

Eco-One can be conveniently applied without altering production lines, enabling low-cost integration into existing manufacturing processes. At the recommended level of application, the additive is a superior option for manufacturers and exporters looking to enter global markets, with a production cost impact of 10% – 15%, significantly below the cost of utilising biopolymers which also require special equipment and have limited supply.

Hayleys Aventura is the exclusive representative for Eco-One for SAARC countries, Indonesia and Myanmar. Several major Sri Lankan exporters to US and European markets are already utilising the additive, in producing their packaging.

Hayleys Aventura represents the Industrial Inputs and Energy Sector of Hayleys PLC. The company has established itself as the premier industrial solutions provider in Sri Lanka and consists of five diversified strategic business units. These are; Engineering Solutions, Medical & Analytical Solutions, Industrial Raw Materials and Renewable Energy.






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