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“There are many business resources that have not been utilized in the country”

Shan Meemanage Divron Bioventures Pvt Ltd

Many businesses have collapsed in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. During such a period when entrepreneurs were reluctant to invest even in their own businesses, we met an ambitious entrepreneur who was keen on investing in brand new unexplored business concepts and providing unique directions for its growth. Shan Meemanage, the young entrepreneur, engaged in an insightful conversation with us at his unique restaurant called Resort Ceylon Dutch Trails located at 34, Kapungoda, Ja-Ela, Pamunugama Road.

With a breathtaking view by the Muthurajawela, this scenic environment poses as a local and foreign tourist attraction spot which is home to many local cuisines and seafood dishes, cooked to perfection through lesser known cooking styles.

“I would rather be referred to as an entrepreneur rather than a businessman. As someone who has been involved in multiple businesses across the country, I have observed that there is a lot of untapped business resources in the country. It is a matter of identifying said idle resources in order to push Sri Lanka to the next level. Divron Bioventures Pvt Ltd is one of my main businesses which was started in 2015. Prior to that, we had bred and exported oysters from our lagoons through our company Tropical Shellfish, which in return enabled us to bring Dollar income to the country. Given that running a stable business requires capital to fund various operations, I am have HNB FINANCE as my financial partner. They offer attractive services and are well experienced in issuing loans and recoveries/resolving it”, shares Shan Meemanage.

“We had an urgent foreign order that came to us unexpectedly and HNB FINANCE offered us a swift loan of Rs. 50 lakhs. Entrepreneurs have very little time, hence we expect efficiency and smooth transactional processes from financial institutions. I can assure that HNB FINANCE is the best fit to meet all your financial needs as they have the ability to provide the service that is expected from them.”



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