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HR Tech LeadCemex HRM, Introduces Employee Covid-19 Vaccination Tracker

Cemex HRM launches Employee Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic employee health and safety is paramount for companies. Ensuring employees return to ‘normal’ work lifewith minimum risks of virus transmission is becoming a serious HR challenge. Cemex HR, a leading HR technology provider,has developed a Covid-19 vaccination tracker that monitors and alerts companies of employee vaccination status.

The employee vaccination tracker will enable HR departments to gain data-driven insights related to the vaccination rate of their workforce. This allows organisations to make informed decisions around workforce planning and staffing needs.The Covid-19 vaccination tracker would ensure that employees are vaccinated on time, and they don’t become a threat to other members of the staff. It provides timely alerts to remind HR departments of delayed or due vaccination/ booster shots so that HR managers can plan their human resources accordingly.

 “As a business you would want to simplify and track employee vaccination protocol. We identified the need to digitise this function to support new work conditions. The function enables our Cemex HRM customers to check employee vaccination status, track vaccination doses, location, type of vaccination and display this information on a dashboard. In addition, HR departments can also run detailed and real time reports on all employee vaccination,” said Sandun Fernando, Chief Operating Officer ofCemex HRM, on the employee Covid-19 vaccination tracking module available on  its cloud based HRM software.

The uncertainty of the pandemic cannot be ruled out, however at a time when all organisations are returning to normalcy, employee vaccine tracker can be a powerful tool as it eliminates employee absenteeism, sudden staff quarantines, unexpected Covid-19 positive spreads, delays, errors, stress, and inefficiencies for the companies. It willsupport organisations to implement truly effective procedures for the well-being of employees and decrease staff downtime, thereby ensuring a Covid-19 safe working environment.

“This would be a human resource planning tool for HR departments. With the information available, they can be prepared for vaccine related leave, prevent staff falling ill due to not being vaccinated, and possibly reduce the risks of spreading the virus and avoid a possible quarantine for the business,” Sandun Fernando said.

Cemex HRM is a Microsoft cloud backed digitised workforce collaboration tool that is helping businesses to streamline their routine HR functions and focus on their core business.
Cemex Software (Pvt) Ltd, is a fast growing HR Tech company changing the future of traditional workplace. The company is backed by their parent company Cenmetrix (Pvt) Ltd, with over 15+ years market experience.



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