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Litro purchases 100,000 MT of LP Gas

Litro Gas, the state-owned supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), under the Ministry of Finance, has successfully procured 100,000 metric tons of LP Gas, Prime Minister’s Media Division said.

The total consignment costs $90 million. The World Bank has provided funding of $70 million, while the remaining $20 million has been provided by Litro.

This consignment will be enough to supply the country for four months.

Accordingly, 70% of the consignment will be provided to domestic consumers. An estimated 5 million 12.5kg cylinders, 1 million 5kg cylinders and 1 million 2.5kg cylinders will be obtained from this. The remaining 30% will be provided for commercial use.

An initial consignment of 33,000 tons of LPG procured by Litro at a cost of $20 million will reach Sri Lanka by the first week of July and distribution will commence immediately.



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