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Turkish cargo plane damaged at Sri Lanka’s international airport

An A.-330-300 Airbus cargo plane belonging to Turkish Airlines suffered damages at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport last Sunday night (3) while preparing to leave, airport sources said.

This Turkish Airlines flight TK-6050 had arrived at Katunayake Airport with a load of cargo from Istanbul, Turkey.

The plane, carrying a cargo of garments weighing 45 metric tons, was preparing to depart from Katunayake airport for Istanbul, Turkey, when the accident occurred.

Due to the strong windy conditions at Katunayake airport and its surrounding area, a container that was brought to be loaded on the aircraft and parked near the aircraft had hit its engine.

SriLankan Airlines ground airport operators have allegedly parked the container near the plane and have not applied brakes properly when it was blown towards the plane by the strong wind and collided with the engine.

Due to this incident, the second turbine on the right wing of this aircraft has suffered damages.

Reportedly, the Turkish aviation authorities have not yet taken any necessary steps to restore the damaged engine of this plane or to take off from the Katunayake airport.



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