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Resus Energy connects eighth small hydropower stationto national grid with installed capacity of 2.4MW

Resus Energy PLC, a forerunner in renewable energy, operating a number of small hydropower and ground mounted solar PV stations in Sri Lanka, recently connected its eighth small hydropower station to the national grid.

Fed by the Madulla Oya, a main tributary of Uma Oya, and built with state-of-the-art equipment at a cost of over Rs. 700 million, the power station carries an installed capacity of 2.4 MW. The power station is expected to generate about 8 million units of electricity (8 GWh) annually.

Despite navigating through a difficult year hit by a global pandemic, leading to long lockdown periods, Resus continues to keep faith in its expansion drive and supports the country’s renewable energy drive and its economic liberation.

Resus Energy also commissioned a couple of utility-scale ground mounted Solar PV stations in the recent past. Among them are those in Siyambalanduwa in the Monaragala district which add 2MW to the national grid.

With the latest grid-connected small hydropower stations, Resus now operates 10 grid-connected power stations with an aggregated capacity of over 17.5MW with estimated annual energy generation standing over 50GWh.

The government recently further pledged to achieve 70% of the electricity generation from renewables in 2030.

“It is commendable that the Sri Lankan government has set an ambitious target to achieve a high-level of renewable energy generation. That showcases true interest to partner the global effort to combat climate change and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Resus Energy is happy to partake in fulfilling that dream. In line with this we are currently constructing 12MW utility scale Solar PV stations that will be connected to the national grid towards the middle of this year”, said Kishan Nanayakkara, Managing Director, Resus Energy.

He further said that “Sri Lanka being a signatory to the 2015-Paris Agreement on climate change, has pledged support for it and is thus obliged to adhere to the implementation of SDGs. The target set for renewables put us on the right course to achieve SDG 7 which is about the provision of Clean and Affordable Energy”.

“As a company that is truly interested in people and the planet in pursuit of primary business goals, Resus Energy, believes in creating a shared value that benefits all its stakeholders and towards this end, we consistently strive to ensure that our carbon footprint remains at an absolute minimal level even as we scale up our operations. Resus gives priority to ensure that none of its operations have negative impacts on the environment”, Nanayakkara further said.

Over the last few years, Resus Energy consistently won awards and accolades for its reporting and sustainability work from CA Sri Lanka, ACCA and also has been a winner of the National Green Awards.

Designed and developed using expert local knowledge, the latest technology and a true passion for nature conservation, Resus Energy projects are all planned and executed sustainably and responsibly. All project development budgets also include a considerable portion to develop the surrounding communities of each project.




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