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MillenniumIT ESP launches MillionPaths Foundation

  • Enterprise Technology Solutions Provider launches CSR arm in lieu of the company’s completion of 25th year milestone

MillenniumIT ESP, Sri Lanka’s leading Enterprise Solutions Provider, launched its very own CSR arm ‘MillionPaths Foundation’, as a Guarantee Company, to officially carry out volunteering work and focus on making the world a better place for both humanity and mother nature.

Goodwill and the nature of giving is not new to MillenniumIT ESP, a company of over 25 years’ standing, with a culture of supporting social causes and leading CSR programs. The formation of the Foundation has been an initiative to commemorate the company’s journey thus far as one of the first local IT companies in Sri Lanka to achieve a silver jubilee anniversary.

Having being launched recently, the MillionPaths Foundation is the vehicle that formalizes the company’s CSR initiatives. It adopts a more structured and focused approach in implementing charity projects. In addition, the Foundation intends to provide a platform for MillenniumIT ESP to conduct these volunteering activities on a larger scale and in more impactful ways, by collaborating with their principals and customers.

As a company that provides customized technology solutions to organizations across multiple industries, enabling them to reach their digitization goals and business strategies, MillenniumIT ESP’s vision for forming the Foundation arose from realizing that there are multiple ways, probably a ‘million’ different ‘paths’, an entity could take to create a positive impact in society and help multitudes of people who are deprived of basic needs, thereby deriving the Foundation name itself.

Focusing on the pillar of education as an overall theme for the formation of the MillionPaths Foundation, its vision is to “Embrace the pinnacle of knowledge for an empowered and enriched tomorrow”. With this in mind, the Foundation will be focusing on four main objectives: To provide technology solutions and use digitization for the betterment of the society; To empower the future generation with education; To protect the environment; and To contribute towards poverty alleviation.

Moreover, the MillionPaths Foundation aligns its objectives with the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) laid down by the United Nations to “promote prosperity while protecting the planet”, including: No Poverty (SDG 1), Quality Education (SDG 4), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9), Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10), Climate Action (SDG 13), and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17).

Commenting on the establishment of the Foundation, Mr. Shevan Goonetilleke, Director/Chief Executive Officer at MillenniumIT ESP stated, “We are elated to establish the MillionPaths Foundation to drive our CSR and sustainable initiatives to the next level. As an organization, we are indeed passionately driven to support and uplift society through various initiatives. While focusing on the most critical needs, we will continue to support such ventures on a continuous basis in a prudent and sustainable manner.”

Driven by the company’s employees, who form the nucleus for the numerous CSR initiatives carried out by MillenniumIT ESP since its inception in 1996, the Foundation Team has already completed 3 successful projects in the short span of 2 months since their formal operations: providing sports equipment to the Peramaduwa Vidyalaya in Kantale, Trincomalee; renovating the Udadompe Vidyala in Badulla; and equipping the IT Lab of the Kalundawa Saranankara Maha Vidyalaya in Kurunegala. Further information on these worthy causes as well as the Foundation itself can be found on the Foundation’s new website at




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