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DAN TV celebrates 21 years of unique Tamil infotainment

DAN TV recently marked 21 years in the field, having begun its journey as “DAN Tamil Oli” in France in 2000, then moving to India in 2005 and, finally, to Sri Lanka in 2008, where it is currently headquartered.

DAN TV, which is an acronym for Dish Asia Network Television, has witnessed its popularity grow day-by-day due to its uniqueness, with its programming deeply rooted in Tamil culture. Since 2008, DAN TV has directly contributed to Sri Lanka’s new Tamil language programming renaissance, especially at a time when the community’s art and culture was in decline. This is due to the fact that DAN TV’s locally produced content, which is viewable island-wide, including DAN Tamil Oli, Yarl TV, DAN Music, DAN Comedy, DAN News, Kalvi TV, Ohm TV, Holy Mary TV and Pirai TV, is produced and transmitted via DAN TV’s 14 Sri Lanka-based studios, with seven being in Jaffna, three in Colombo, two in Batticaloa, and one each in Trincomalee and Hatton. Additionally, DAN TV’s programming, online and via its mobile app, is also very popular among the Tamil diaspora around the world, particularly North America, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.

According to DAN TV Founder and Chairman S.S. Kuhanathan; “After 21 years, I stand proud in touching the heart of every Tamilian through the popularity of DAN TV. I first started ‘TRT Tamil Oli’ in 1997 in Paris, the capital of France, which was the first non-French speaking television channel to launch in France. In fact, it was only when ‘Le Figaro’, one of the France’s leading daily newspapers, praised this achievement that I came to know of it.”

Mr. Kuhanathan continued; “However, at the start of the new millennium, when my TRT TV was deceitfully snatched from me by the LTTE, I had to begin anew. Nevertheless, I was determined to face all the obstacles, and I founded DAN TV. Another milestone was achieved in Jaffna in 2009, when DAN TV became the first privately owned television company to be set up in my hometown. From the depths of my heart, I offer my gratitude to all who stood by me in this journey and, especially, those who are still with me to this day.”

Today, DAN TV enjoys significant success with its respective audiences in the fields of entertainment, education, spirituality, having grown tremendously as a result of its excellent staff of highly committed cable TV professionals and experts, as well as the support of some of Sri Lanka’s top corporates. Going beyond its island-wide reach, DAN TV’s popularity also stems from its programming, which has helped along a resurgence in creativity and arts within the Sri Lankan Tamil community. This programming includes a wide variety of entirely original infotainment choices, from short film competitions and awards programs highlighting unsung heroes who have achieved for their community, to athletics programs showcasing sports like cricket and football, and even great musical performances such as DAN 31st Night, which is a very popular New Year’s Eve celebration in Jaffna.

DAN TV Group Consultant and Chief Marcom Strategist Chalaka Gajabahu commented, “I would like to thank our long-time, loyal advertisers, as well as the corporates having supported DAN TV in our journey to become a leader in the North and the East, where we offer exceptionally unique, and culturally rich, entertainment and education choices for Tamil speaking communities. I would like to also invite them to continue with us as we create even more exciting content and engagement for the digital space, while also maintaining and building upon our existing audiences and strengths island-wide, both at the community level and island-wide.”




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