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Bridge Advisory and Consulting organises webinar on “The Rise of Self Sovereign Identity in the New Economy”

As the world moves towardsa ‘no touch’ economy, digital assets/cryptocurrency, digital identity, data privacy and portability are critically important. Blockchain will play an integral role in the development of this decentralized ecosystem.

Digital identity management solutions can make identity easier to manage and access and therefore plays an enabling role in enhancing financial inclusion. Blockchain technologies are enabling new solutions for e-KYC. Blockchain-based SSID can solve the challenges of KYC by making the process completely decentralised, efficient, tamper proof and compliant enabling faster onboarding for both existing and new customers, fostering rapid growth without the risk.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) introduces a revolutionary and innovative solution for the management of individual digital identities through a portable, private and secure identity management system where the user is in full control and has sole ownership of the information shared.With the dawn of Web 3.0, consumers across the globe as well as in Sri Lanka are increasingly embracing digital platforms to perform online transactions—both for buying goods and services as well as for banking across multiple devices, therefore the concept of “Digital Identity” comes to the forefront.

As Sri Lanka navigates the roll out of a digital identity system, the financial industry can largely benefit from the adoption of self-sovereign identity standards, which will stand to revolutionize financial ecosystems.  In 2020, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka also explored digital identity, identifying the potential benefit for Sri Lanka’s financial services that can be received through blockchain technology.

Bridge Advisory and Consultingorganises a webinar on “The Rise of Self Sovereign Identity in the New Economy”. The discourse will touch on the opportunities for business in emerging markets around SSID, the landscape of global identity as well as the practical aspects of implementing a decentralized ID solution and the benefits associated with adoption and privacy. The speakers will also discuss a framework for Sri Lanka and the significant benefits that can be received through implementation.

The webinar will be held virtually on the 17th of February 2022 via zoom and is open for participation for the general public, as well as key Government decision makers, Industry leaders, Policy makers, Tech entrepreneurs and BFSI Professionals & Change Makers. The webinar will feature both local and global industry experts as speakers who will share their expertise in relation to the latest trends in SSID and the opportunities for emerging markets such as Sri Lanka.

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